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Welcome Brazilian customer visit in Seacrown
Release date:2019-10-18

On September 19, 2019, our Brazilian friends Diego, international sales manager of IMG, and Aparecida, product manager, came to visit Seacrown factory. Our general manager Mr.Zhong and all the staff warmly and friendly welcomed them.

We have established friendly cooperation with Imex before, and this time they came here mainly to visit the factory for further cooperation and learning more about products. Diego said that the registration of Seacrown products in Brazil is progressing smoothly, and it is expected to get the registration certificate in early October and promote it in Brazil.

Thanks for the visit and support of our Brazilian friends. We are sure to live up to our expectations. We also believe that with the joint efforts of each other, Seacrown products will go further and further. We also look forward to more partners to join us, together to make a contribution to the world healthcare.